Our Story

Our Story

Eighteen years ago, lunch at Sorrento Cucina in Minneapolis, Derick Dahlen was introduced to restaurant owners Rosette and Maria. Originally from Calabria, Italy, Rosette and Maria were childhood friends who delighted in giving people the experience of savoring mealtime – something Derick grew to cherish. This experience led to a lifelong friendship.

Over the years, Rose and husband Umberto introduced the Dahlen family in the ongoing celebration of life, featured by bountiful, boisterous family gatherings. Through this friendship, the Dahlens met Rosina and Martino, owners of a small farm and vineyard in Zagarollo, Italy. The Dahlens' experienced the romance and pure joy that comes with making something by hand and sharing it with friends. It was an experience they soon recognized would be their own one day.

The friendship and generosity continues and grows between the families. They visit each other when they can, to continue the celebration of the good things in life–great food, wine and even better friendships.


About Us

bioImage.jpgDerick Dahlen has been president and CEO of Avant Energy for over 25 years. He and his family planted vines at their vacation home in Stockholm, Wisconsin over 10 years ago. It was not long after that the dream of Villa Bellezza was born—as a place for families, friends, and the community to gather. Today, Derick is one of two winemakers at Villa Bellezza, as well as the visionary behind its stunning classical architecture.

Julianne Dahlen is a marketing professional with 25+ years experience. As the marketing executive for a national business services company, she directed the efforts of a large national sales force and was the natural choice for the role of president in charge of sales and marketing at Villa Bellezza. Her love of culture and design, coupled with her ability to execute have been indispensable skills for the focus it takes to start, and run a business.